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Thank you for your cooperation!  

It is required by law that families with children under the age of 10 years old have window guards installed.  Click here for appropriate child safety window guards.

It has become necessary to remind all residents that there is absolutely NO PARKING (unattended vehicles) allowed in the front of the building - not even for one minute - with the restricted exception of food and pharmacy deliveries. The front of the building is clearly marked with a yellow curb designation for emergency purposes ONLY- ambulance, fire department, police business & city personnel. 
 For those residents who insist on parking their cars in the front of the building to “run upstairs for a minute” -- please be aware that the front desk guards have been instructed to call the Police Department to ticket these vehicles parked illegally or the guards will simply call Hackensack towing to remove these cars immediately. Be aware that the cost of a ticket with HPD is $200.00. Please do not give the front desk guards a difficult time or ask for their permission to bend the rules for you. They are simply enforcing the same rules that we all need to follow as a community. Sorry – we cannot make exceptions. 

Please be mindful that that there is no parking allowed overnight in the doctors area or in 5 guest spaces. A sign clearly states that Hackensack towing will be called in the event a car is parked in these areas overnight. There is, however, overnight parking available for guests only by checking-in appropriately with the front desk. The desk guards will assign your guest a designated space outside the upper garage area with a pass to clearly display on the dashboard. Any cars parked in violation in the outside upper garage area will also be towed away.

Doctor’s area parking is only permitted when the doctors offices are closed. Please be sure to inform your guests that they must sign-in at the front desk so in case of emergency and in the event vehicles need to be removed, the front desk will have a registry of all guest cars.

Please refer to your Resident Handbook/Rules & Regulations for further information.  
Thank you for your cooperation. 

Executive House Condominium Association Board of Directors
************************************************USPS (Mail)
To All Unit Owners and Residents:

The Postal Service has advised Executive House Condominium that mail will not be delivered without a unit number.

Please advise everyone you receive mail from to include your unit number on all correspondence delivered to you.
Thank you for your cooperation.************************************************
Squirrel Boom at Executive House  While there may very well be several factors for the surge in these unwanted rodents at our building, the #1 reason why they are attracted to a building such as ours is… FOOD!

On multiple occasions, our maintenance staff has reported finding orange peels, seeds, crackers, bread, etc. at ground level near the parking lot. If you are aware of anyone throwing food (or anything for that matter) off their terrace, please tell them to stop immediately or please find a way to alert building management. Further, we suggest that all residents with terraces consider removal of items such as bird feeders (and of course, seeds), plants/planter containers, cushions, baskets and/or anything where a squirrel will find shelter by building a nest.  Building residents have already discovered the abundance of nesting opportunities that exist right on their own terraces. Squirrels are known to build multiple nests and as we have quickly found out, many EH terraces have already played unwanted hosts to these nesting pests. Please understand that if and when you do find a nest on your terrace, be sure to contact the front desk by filling out a work order immediately. Our staff will investigate and if possible, remove the nest. Otherwise, a professional exterminator will need to be called.

It is important to keep your terrace glass door closed at all times as there have also been instances in other buildings where squirrels actually ate through screen doors and entered the apartments!  One last note- please be mindful that squirrels have been known to carry many germs - so feeding them directly or getting too close can be very risky. While we may never be able to actually eliminate the problem entirely, we can drastically curtail it as long as everyone does his/her share to help.

************************************************Managing The Bed Bug Dilemma Notice 
As part of this memo, we are attaching some pertinent information (fact sheets, resources, etc.) in an effort to provide answers to some commonly asked questions/concerns.  As you will note, since the bed bug epidemic has already spread so widely, it is almost inevitable that you - or someone you know - may be affected and it is important to know what to do. These pests are small (the size of a tiny apple seed) and can easily hide, migrate and multiply before people actually realize their environment has been infested. IF, in any event, you do discover these unwanted pests in your condo unit (Ex. of places to look: bedding, both sides of mattresses, mattress seams and cording, headboards, bed frames, clothing, rugs, furniture, etc.) please do not panic!

There are measures to take that are best if addressed immediately, but keep in mind that bed bugs are more of a nuisance than life threatening. The bottom line is nobody will feel comfortable having these in their environment and this is why we are starting the education process now so that you will know what to do in the event you encounter such a problem. 

If it is the case that you discover bed bugs anywhere within your condo unit, please be sure to contact RCP Management at (609) 683-7980  and speak with your property administrator who will guide you with the name and contact number of the most appropriate pest control service so that immediate action can be taken.  

Here are some general tips:
  • Be aware. If you are staying somewhere outside of your home, never put anything on the bed without checking the mattress first. It's common for people to walk into a hotel room and throw their luggage, coats, clothing or themselves on the bed right away. Stop and first check the seams, tags, edges, pillows and linens on the bed to make sure you won't be sleeping with any unexpected pests.
  • Know what to look out for in a bed bug situation. Watch out for actual crawling bed bugs or dead remains, dark brown/reddish fecal stains, blood stains, feces or cast skins of the bugs. Scrutinize your furniture, clothing, linens, curtains and especially your bed frames and mattresses. Bed bugs are oval shaped and very flat so they love to fit in tiny crevices, seams and nooks--so be sure to check thoroughly.
  • Bed bugs can survive many months without feeding, so check everything regularly. Reduce clutter and trash in your home to reduce hiding places for these pesky little bugs since they can hide in the smallest places. Keep your sheets tucked in and off the floor and also furniture away from walls to prevent them from crawling onto your bed.
  • Clean diligently and regularly. Vacuum and scrub everything to dislodge any hidden bed bugs or eggs. Seal any cracks or holes in flooring and walls (especially around wires and pipes) to prevent the bugs from traveling inside or from neighboring apartments.
  • If you do find that you have bed bugs, PLEASE don't panic. It might be annoying, but bed bugs are treatable and furniture is cleanable. Hire a professional pest-control person to have your home cleaned properly and effectively. There are home remedies and pesticides but a professional has a more capable means of cleaning your home and preventing future bed bug problems.
  • Lastly, do your best to employ measures of prevention. Bed bugs are usually brought into the home by surprise-----you! When returning to your home - especially after traveling - it's important for you to check your clothes, luggage, boxes and other items transferred during a move or from traveling. Wash clothes before you put them back in your closet, discard boxes and vacuum/scrub luggage outside of the bedroom before putting it away. Always keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Click here to download and print information on how to prevent Bed Bug issues

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